Biofilter Backfilling- Yandina QLD

Biofilter Backfilling- Yandina QLD

Project Details

” In November 2018 our expert stone slinging team were tasked to backfill this biofilter in Yandina SE Qld. “

Biofilters are utilised in the Urban Development sector as a method to treat stormwater runoff.

They typically consist of a basin with liner and pipe work at the base.

Our Stone Slingers are extremely quick. We average about 500-600 tonnes per day for the 3 layers of media.

On this biofilter the drainage, intermediate and filter layers were placed rapidly and smoothly by our Stone Slinger with virtually no mixing of the 3 layers.

Our access to this basin was obstructed by a foot path and vegetation however this proved no obstacle to our Stone Slinger which can propel material up to 40m.

Our methodology is consistent with the FAWB Adoption Guidelines for Biofiltration Systems.

The lower compaction achieved by our Stone Slinger method means that our clients save money by using less biofiltration media and the biofilters operate more efficiently.

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