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We have specialised in the operation of stone slingers (also known as rock slingers) all over Australia for more than 10 years, making us the most experienced specialist stone slinger operator in Australia.

Stone slingers / rock slingers are remote controlled vehicles which use rapid conveyors to propel soil, sand, gravel or mulch up to 40 meters away. We can place around 1000 tonnes per day.

Our stone slingers spread material smoothly and rapidly in hard to reach places. Our fully remote controlled stone slingers eliminate roll-over risk and greatly reduce people versus plant interaction.

Our stone slingers also greatly reduce wastage of imported material because of their high accuracy of placement.

Our stone slingers are used extensively to:

  • Backfill cable trenches on solar farms, wind farms and other energy market assets. We can easily lay bedding sand at a rate of 16km’s/day.
  • Backfill pipeline trenches. The 6m boom and 40m reach of our vehicles makes us the most versatile solution for backfilling virtually any long pipeline trench where imported material is used.
  • Fill biofilters on new urban development sites. Our method is fast and offers lower compaction while protecting pipework and liners making us Australia’s most used contractor in backfilling biofilters for the Urban Development industry.
  • Backfill containment cells and caps as support for land remediation projects. Our stone slingers are super-efficient and protect liners.
  • Topsoil large batters and swales as support to the Civil Landscaping and Road Construction industries. On batters and swales, we spread top-soil at approximately 5 times the speed of an excavator.
  • Backfill underground storage tanks used in the petroleum industry as a quicker and safer alternative to using cranes.

We have a reputation for reliability, safety and quality.


Our Team

Meet the team that delivers Australia’s leading stone slinging / rock slinging material placement services.

The Metropolis Services team is the result of the coming together of diverse but complementary skill sets. Our team possesses technical and cultural elements comprising precision aircraft engineering, broad business skills and experience in stone slinging unmatched in the Australian market.

Jeff Harper

Jeff Harper

Neil Weymouth

Neil Weymouth

David Ferguson

David Ferguson

We have a reputation for reliability, safety and quality.

Our stone slinger clients include Project Managers and Project Engineers for some of the largest and most respected companies in the Civil Landscape, Road Construction, Civil Construction, Petroleum, Urban Development, Land Remediation and Renewable Energy sectors.

We have a fleet of stone slingers / rock slingers which is constantly expanding and which can be flexed up to incorporate the largest of projects. We service all states and will support a project anywhere in Australia.

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