Petroleum Tank Installation – Cootamundra

Petroleum Tank Installation – Cootamundra

“We backfilled this underground storage tank installation with our Stone Slinger in August 2018 placing 1600 tonnes of material in two days.”

Fuel distribution installations pose challenges for contractors as sites are often tight which inhibits backfilling certain parts of the pit.

Our Stone Slingers can reach all parts of the excavation usually from one place. We have the advantage of being nearly twice as quick as a crane at a comparable daily charge to a crane/kibble.

We are also often asked to return to complete the final backfill once  pipe and cable networks have been installed.

Most large petroleum contractors on the east coast of Australia use our services and have done so for the last 10 years. We have an ambition of being the most used sub-contractor in Petroleum Tank Installations across Australia.

We currently service all states.

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