Strata Vault Backfill

Strata Vault Backfill

Strata Vault Structural Soil System Backfill – Parramatta NSW

In January 2020 we were tasked with placing topsoil in five Strata Vault Structural Soil Systems at a Western Sydney school.

Our stone slinger / rock slinger proved ideal to carry out these works. Limited access onsite meant that stockpiling material was not an option for our client.

Our stone slinger / rock slinger was loaded directly from the delivery truck using a HIAB and bulker bags and moved into position for materials placement.

Once in position we used the reach of our stone slinger / rock slinger to place material over an existing fence and around surrounding infrastructure with pin-point accuracy.

The surrounding infrastructure included glass windows. While placing material, our skilled operator was able to precisely control the amount of material being placed and where it landed. This ensured no surrounding assets were damaged.

Our stone slinger / rock slinger placed a total of 200m3 of material on this project. Our best practice methodology meant we were able to complete the project in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the price of alternative methods.

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