Tank Installation Backfilling- St Marys NSW

Tank Installation Backfilling- St Marys NSW

We were contracted to use our stone slinger to backfill a twin underground storage tank installation (UST) at St Marys, NSW.

The site was a retail fuel distributor (Service Station).

The site was quite tight and access could only be safely and easily gained from one side.

The client utilised our stone slinger (also known as a rock slinger) because we are quicker and more economical than an excavator which would have struggled to reach the far corners of the pit and would have been much slower.

Cranes are used on site to lower the tanks in the petroleum industry, however most operators do not retain them on site to complete the backfill. Instead stone slingers / rock slingers are used. We are a similar daily hire cost to a crane however we can complete the task with a stone slinger in about one third of the time.

The project was finished safely and efficiently in less than 2 days.

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