Stormwater Harvesting Back Filling Victoria

Stormwater Harvesting Back Filling Victoria

Installing SPEL ® Chambers

In May 2020, our team was tasked with backfilling SPEL ® Chambers on a Stormwater harvesting & storage project in Balmoral Park, Derrimut, Victoria utilizing one of our remote control stone slingers. These are also known as rock slingers or stone conveyors.

Metropolis Services stone slingers / stone conveyors are ideal for backfilling SPELchamber®

The project involved the backfilling of a 1,600,000 Litre SPELchamber® underground tank.

The tanks provide 15 million litres of stormwater per year for irrigation of two ovals and surrounding parkland.

The site presented some challenges granting only access to two sides of the excavation and limited room to move around. Our remote control stone slingers / stone conveyors are only 2.5 metres wide, 6.6 metres long and all wheel steer making them ideal for tight locations.

Behind the furthermost wall of the excavation was an active public oval– requiring stone slinger / stone conveyor accuracy.

The unique design of the SPEL® Chambers meant that a conventional “dump and push” method would have risked damaging the chambers and severely impacting the timeline of the project.

We placed 3000 tonnes of washed, crushed angular stone. In these situations, our stone slinger / stone conveyor can place up to 100t per hour.

We completed the bedding layer quickly and smoothly allowing the contractor onsite to begin installing the SPEL chambers with little delay.

With the chambers installed we evenly backfilled around the chambers in accordance with the SPEL® Instalation guide maintaining an even uplift throughout.

The significant reach of our stone slinger / stone conveyor enabled us to backfill all the way to the edge of the excavation as required in the SPEL® installation guide.

Our clients were amazed by the speed and accuracy of the stone slinger / rock slinger methodology.

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